Sample Inspection Report

home inspection report sampleClick image to view/download our sample home inspection report

This is an sample home inspection report prepared by Assets Home Inspection, LLC.  Click the image to view or download a copy of our home inspection report sample.

When hiring a home inspection service we understand that you  are looking for an honest and informed evaluation of the property. We strive to give a complete and accurate description of the property that you are considering for purchase. The report will help you make an informed decision on purchasing the property. 

We write our reports in an easy to understand narrative style. The report includes many photos, some for informational purposes and some to point out issues that are discovered during the course of the home inspection.

When we perform your home inspection, we encourage you ask questions while we are there. We take literally hundreds of photos while we are there. A representative sample of photos will be included in the report. Our photographs are a form of notes so that we can describe the conditions that exist on the property and we do our best to include the most important issues that we found. We ask that you carefully read the entire report. Keeping in mind that no house is without some issues. Many issues that are described are minor. There could be some conditions that would incur great expense, Where other issues that are described could be potentially serious safety hazards. Not every little thing that was discussed during the inspection will be included. We are always available for questions after the inspection. 

The decision to purchase should take all of the conditions into consideration. 

Our home inspection reports are delivered as a link to your email.  Usually within 24- 36 hours. The reports are stored on a secured server for approximately 5 years from the date of the inspection. Our inspector is available for questions regarding the content of the report. Call 203-297-7587 for a free home inspection quote.