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Selling your home? A pre-sale inspection, money well spent

A pre-sale inspection enables you to identify and address problems before you list your house on the market. It also removes any questions about the condition of your home for you and a potential homebuyer. This will improving the speed, price and likelihood of a sale.

Our  inspection process can take two to four hours. It includes observation and, when appropriate, operation of the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and appliance systems. It also includes, the roof, foundation, basement, exterior and interior walls, chimney, doors and windows.

You can elect not to correct every defect found in the inspection report. Since you will have a list of issues identified and you can explain that the price has taken this list into consideration. Such candor tends to shorten negotiation time, because buyers have fewer objections.

A home inspection helps the homeowner comply with full-disclosure real estate laws, governed by state laws. 

We encourage homeowners to consider a pre-sale home inspection.  We feel that it will help make the selling process much easier.

Our inspector has over 40 years of experience in the residential construction industry. You can feel confident in our home inspection services. Our inspection includes a detailed report highlighting defects that may be discovered during the inspection. We are available for questions after the inspection report has been delivered.

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