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Ahome maintenance inspection


Why should I have a home maintenance inspection?

If you are already a home owner, a home maintenance inspection can be used to identify problems in the making. The inspection report could help you learn preventive measures that might avoid costly future repairs.

We offer home maintenance inspections to our customers to help identify issues that could result in costly repairs.


A home maintenance inspection is a way to stay ahead of costly repairs. Many issues in the home can be avoided if proper maintenance is performed. The home inspector will identify issues within the home that have the potential to become expensive problems. For instance, if your roof is nearing the end of its useful life and you are able to replace it before there are any leaks you could save money of additional repairs. Making sure that your gutter system is properly draining can save you from having water intrusion issues in your home.

Ironically, our homes are maintained far less frequently than our cars (though your house often costs ten to twenty times as much as your car). A home rarely receives a “check-up”. Problems that occur in a home typically are addressed after something breaks or after extensive damage forces you to make repairs. Most homeowners don’t consider that, if found early on, repairs will often be less expensive. Turning a blind eye to problems can lead to extensive repairs where the costs may cause a financial strain.

Symptoms of potential problems may not be readily apparent

How do you know something is wrong with your home if there are no symptoms? Based on various facts such as weathering, normal wear and tear, and the planned obsolescence of construction materials and mechanical systems, we recommend that you schedule a home inspected every two years. A home maintenance inspection will provide you with a detailed report about any damage found to the systems and structure in your home. As a result, you will have an indication of the overall condition of your home. Call for a free quote [telnumlink]203.297.7587[/telnumlink]

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