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Home inspection services

Home inspection services from Assets Home Inspection, LLC

We offer complete home inspection services. When looking for a home inspector your first concern is how thorough of an inspection should be expected.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the inspection that we provide for our customers.  Our home inspection services include a physical inspection of all accessible major systems, both inside and out. The following list is what you should expect from a home inspection.

Each of the following components are included in our home inspection service. 

Electrical: Grounding, panel & sub-panels, service entrance, branch circuits, outlets, switches, receptacles, circuit integrity.

Exterior: Doors & windows and trim, gutters and down spouts, soffits & fascia, grading, sidewalks & driveways, walls coverings, patios & decks, retaining walls.

Heating and A/C: Description of systems, combustion system, A/C components, supply & discharge lines, venting, ductwork & registers, controls and thermostats.

Insulation: Attic, walls, crawlspace, floors, lines, ductwork, air & vapor barriers.

Interior: Walls, ceilings, windows, floors, doors, stairs, fireplaces, smoke detectors.

Plumbing: Main supply line, distribution lines, fixtures, vents & traps & drains, functional flow.

Roofing: Structure, covering, flashings, skylights, vent & stacks.

Structure: Foundation, crawlspace, footings& columns, floors, walls, chimneys.

We also offer radon and water testing at an additional charge.

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