First time home buyer

So you are a first time home buyer!

first time home buyer


Well, first time home buyers always seem to be confused by all the steps necessary in the purchase of their first home. Congratulations! this is a very big step but why is it so confusing? 

First time home buyers have a lot to consider when considering home ownership. What do we recommend? Well once you have settled on a realtor and then you get your financing in order. You probably want to get pre-approved for a mortgage. That will make things go much more smoothly and you will have less aggravation when you make an offer.

Then you really need to consider a home inspection. Let’s face it we all have a friend or family member that we can confide in when we need to ask for advise when we are making the decision to purchase a home. But don’t you think it’s wiser to have a unbiased opinion from an expert? Not only that, many lenders will not give you a mortgage without a home inspection. 


Surprisingly, even new constructions can have issues. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the largest purchase you may make in your lifetime.

We at Assets Home Inspection, LLC are experts in the home inspection. With over 40 years experience in the residential construction industry, we know houses. Our inspector knows what to look for and how to explain in layman’s terms all the  components of the house you wish to purchase. He takes his time to answer any questions a offer suggestions for things that may need attention. We love working with first time home buyers.

After the inspection, we will send you a link to our secure server where an electronic copy of the detailed report is stored. We offer a printed copy only upon request from the client. Our customers mentioned that having the printed report often helps them keep track of the issues that were identified and serves as check list for the things that were either repaired by the owner or things that will need to be corrected after the closing.  

We have many first time home buyer customers. Please check out our customer feedback page.